Golden Treasures


Auction Winners

Prize name Winner
01. All Expense Paid Trip to Israel Lintz, Joshua And Shira
02. $5,000 to Living Quarters Nitekman, Zev And Chana
03. Sheitel Zauderer, Adam
04. $1,800 to Safra Botnick, Yerachmiel And Shevy
05. $2000 to Goldmine Richter, Joseph And Barbara
06. 200,000 Chase Points Chait, Yoseph And Robin
07. $1000 to Pomegranate Muskat, Shalom And Devorah
08. Arizona Getaway  Botnick, Yerachmiel And Shevy
09. $1,200 to artscroll Marks, Tehila
10. $1000 to Grand Sterling Botnick, Yerachmiel And Shevy
11. $1000 to Amazon Hollander, Mattisyahu And Tzippy
12. Megilla Hollander, Moshe And Sima Rochel
13. L'Chaim Package Baker, Reuven
14. $1000 to Eichler's Petrushka, Avraham
15. $1000 to Costco Small, Yisrael And Michal
16. $1,000 to Target Gross, Yosef And Raizy
17. $1,000 to Gourmet Glatt Scher, Yakov And Rose
18. Laptop Bondi, Elliott And Rachel
19. $750 apple Hochman, Chana
20. $1,000 seasons Petrushka, Avraham
21. Fall Wig Nitekman, Zev And Chana
22. $500 B&H Daitchman, Yosef And Chava Mirel
23. $1,000 to Goldmine Rennert, Tzvi And Tsirel
24. $500 to Israel Book Store Teitelman, Lawrence And Nehama
25. Disney world Schwabacher, Michael
26. Baby Package Casden, Sarah
27. Artscroll Mishnayos Friedland, Tuvya And Atara
28. $500 gas card Rothman, Breindy
29. Monsey Getaway Kahen, Payam
30. $500 ebay Brill, Leonard
31. California Vacation Weingarten, Elchanan And Sarena
32. $500 to The Buzz Israel, Yehuda And Chaya
33. Personal Health Coach Teitelbaum, Eliott And Chaya
34. 2 round-trip tickets Feldman, Shimon
35. Paint Night Wilamowsky, Eli And Rhona
36. 1 case of diapers a month for a yr Fromowitz, Ezra And Chavie
37. $300 century 21 Nitekman, Zev And Chana
38. Mix it up Avruch, Simcha And Leah
39. Set of English Mishnah Berurah Muskat, Shalom And Devorah
40. auction heaven Prusansky, Perel
41. Art Masterpiece Friedler, Avraham And Chava
42. $300 macys Semmel, Abraham And Miriam
43. Barbecue Bliss Berger, Moshe
44. pesach package Brownstein, Aharon And Sarah
45. Parnes Hayom Goldish, Yehudah Baruch And Layah
46: Set Of Two Virtual Reality Drone Racers Wulwick, Rachel
47. Dining Out Yachnes, Nesanel And Nancy
48. Ladies Package Small, Yisrael And Michal
49. Men's Package Isaac, Steven And Robin
50. America Girl Doll Katz, Zachary
51. $250 to Borsalino Store Adelman, Mordechai
52. $250 gas card Blinder, Aaron And Rochel
53. One Night Get Away Hall, Binyomin And Rena
54. Keurig Jackpot
55. $250 gap bandana old Navy Jackpot
56. IRobot Vaacum Steinberg, Ita
57. Dinning Room Package Bergida, Yehuda And Brachie
58. Flowers for Shabbos Black, Daniel And Shifra
59. $250 bed bath and beyond Newman, Meyer And Sandie
60. tickets in each $35 and $25 box Starkman, Rivkah And Mendel
61. $400 GC to Wassermans Avruch, Simcha And Leah
62. family photo shoot Turk, Yosef And Shifra
63. $250 toys r us Lewin, Daniel And Shoshie
64. Learn to Play on your very own Keyboard Karp, Aryeh
65. One Year Subscription to the Circle Magazine Rauch, Ephraim And Perel
66. Lotto Tickets Caplan, Moshe
67. Otzar Edition 16 Hard Drive Lintz, Dovid And Tzivy
68. Walk Down Central Sabzevari, Adam
69. Shabbos Relaxation Wulwick, Rachel
70. $150 Z Berman Books Grund, Batya
71. 10 Framed gedolim pictures Black, Jeffrey
72. Games (fun for the whole family) Schonfeld, Malka
73. Shop Local Rennert, Tzvi And Tsirel
74. Sports Tickets Eisen, Hennie
75. shabbat by Spencers Rauch, Zev Don And Rochel
76. 45 min photo session Gelfenstein, Charles S.
77. $150 to RK Hosiery Pacht, Don And Meira
78. luggage set- 5pc samsonite Lichtman, Avi And Rivka
79. Dressed to impress Kahen, Payam
80. Brooklyn Package Vann, Avrom And Shirley
81. Any Prescription Eyeglasses from Minzers Bodkins, Yisroel And Rivka
82. Lego Horowitz, Shmuel
83. Bravos Yehoshua, Yehudit
84. Hat Trick Brody, Zev And Sara Nechama
85. 1MORE Headphone Muskat, Shalom And Devorah
86. $300 to Mostly Music Koenigsberg, Akiva
87. Ride High Leb, Leslie And Shuly
88. $200 to J&Z Feldstein, Yankel 
89. Playmags Rennert, Tzvi And Tsirel
90. Change to Shpielmans Package Hall, Binyomin And Rena
91. Step it Up Levin, Rosalyn
92. Shabbos Party Daniels, Michael And Chani
Jackpot Deitz, Aryeh Leib And Malka
Split the Pot Siegel, Stephan J.
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