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2022 Auction Winners

Mazel Tov to the 2022 RSA Kollel Ner Dovid Golden Treasures Chinese Auction Winners!
001. All Expense Paid Trip to Eretz Yisroel HALPERN, Avraham and Faygie
002. $5,000 to Living Quarters JAWARY, Yehuda and Sarah
003. Custom Eva & Chloe Sheite KISLAK, Jay
004. Explore the World! ORZEL, Abraham and Ellen
005. Brace Yourself! PEIKES, Jonathan and Rachel
006. $1,800 to Safra Judaica ZUCKERMAN, Shmuel and Shuly
007. $2,500 VISA Gift Card ROTH, Adam
008. Dazzling Diamonds WACHSMAN, Pesach and Debbie
009. $1,200 to Amazon SHAPS, Zischa and Lauren
010. Go West to California FRIEDMAN STONE, Danielle
011. Irene Sheitel KERTZNER, Dovi
012. Megillas Esther WEISSTEIN, Brian
013. $1,200 to Target WAHRMAN, Yaakov and Penina
014. $1,000 to Gourmet Glatt GUTTMAN, Avraham and Devorah
015. Trip Down South NITEKMAN, Zev and Chana
016. Your Free Will ROTH, Ari and Chaya Gitty
017. $1,200 to Costco FEINSTEIN, Boruch and Sara Chaiya
018. $1,000 to Pomegranate BLISKO, Larry and Nechama
019. $1,000 to Goldmine GEWIRTZ, Yitzi and Elisheva
020. Men's Custom Package PEIKES, Aharon and Raizy
021. Sterling Silver RENNERT, Tzvi and Tsirel
022. Arizona Getaway RENNERT, Tzvi and Tsirel
023. $1,000 Gas Card KURTZER, Avi and Michelle
024. Custom Carpentry by Haddar Custom Woodcraft STULBERGER, Yossef and Leah
025. L'chaim! MANDEL, Yehuda and Bayla
026. $1,000 to Judaica Plu HARRIS, R' Shlomo Yonoson and Sara Rivka
027. Deluxe Decor GREENWALD, Chaim and Yael
028. Grocery Shopping Spree FRIED, Yaakov and Chani
029. Books for the Whole Family! KAMINAS, Aaron
030. Otzar HaHochma KATZ, Zachary and Talia
031. 2 Round-Trip Tickets FRID, Zevi
032. Dine Out in The Big Apple SHMIDMAN, Naftali and Malka
033. Monsey Getaway ZELMAN, Sidney
034. No More Pesach Stress PARSONS, Diane
035. Baby Package HECHT, Daniel and Chaya
036. Auction Heaven ZILBER, Mordechai and Arlene
037. Laptop MEYERS, Elias and Sheva
038. Art Masterpiece PALGON, Meir and Shira
039. Hey, Ya Never Know! LICHTMAN, Justin
040. $500 to Tabernacle SKIER, Shua and Shoshana
041. $500 to BINGO GOLDSTONE, Shlomo and Rhatzi
042. Walk Down Centra RENNERT, Tzvi and Tsirel
043. Diapers for a Year! IZRAILEV, Shalom
044. Tickets Galore MAX, Avrohom and Chana
045. One Night Getaway KHAIMOV, Roni
046. Scooter Around Town DEAR, Yehoshua and Meira
047. Coney Island and Beyond AVRUCH, Menucha
048. Home Office Suite SHARFMAN, Yaakov and Racheli
049. Parnes Hayom AMINOV, Emanuel and Efrat
050. 3 Piece Samsonite Luggage Set SKOLNICK, Ellen
051. Local Dining Out BRODSKY, Laurence and Susan
052. Waterdale SCHWABACHER, Michael and Aleta S
053. Win the Golden Treasure! DEAR, Yehoshua and Meira
054. Shabbos On Us FEDER, Shmuel and Orly
055. $400 to Wasserman Supermarket HAAS, Gordon and Yanina
056. Meat+Board KLEINERMAN, Harry and Esther
057. Family Photo Shoot BRICKMAN, Yosef and Devorah
058. Safe and Smart HOLLANDER, Moshe and Sima Rochel
059. Games Galore FRID, Zevi
060. Shop Local RENNERT, Tzvi and Tsirel
061. Amazing Savings Shopping Spree SHMIDMAN, Naftali and Malka
062. Elegant Linen GANS, Alex and Leah
063. Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner TEITELBAUM, Eliott and Chaya
064. $300 to The Borsalino Brand Store STEINFELD, Joseph H. and Gitelle
065. Ladies Package LINTZ, Dovid and Tzivy
066. Kid's Package MANDEL, Yehuda and Bayla
067. DJI Drone WOLF, Natan and Sarah Leah
068. Teaneck Dining Out PORUSH, Yosef and Sarah Rivkah
069. Mostly Music RENNERT, Tzvi and Tsirel
070. Sterling Jewelry DAVIS, Joey and Sora Miriam
071. Lego Mania ADLER, Russell and Nitza
072. Wall St. Grill LICHTMAN, Justin
073. $250 Z Berman Books HARKAVY, Aharon and Mollie
074. Toys! LINTZ, Joshua and Shira
075. $250 to Fame ROCKOVE, Yitzy and Chayala
076. The Tiny Gem WEINSTEIN, Arthur
077. Fun for the Kids FELT, Nosson and Chani
078. Grill Anywhere MORRIS, Sam
079. $250 to Tuesday's Child Boutique LINTZ, George and Lisa
080. Nakiradio Duo GANCZ, Shira
081. $250 to American Girl Doll ORLOFSKY, Bruce and Melanie
082. Slam 'N Curve Slide RABOVSKY, Eliyahu and Ruthie
083. Pick Your Stock SIEGELMAN, Aaron
084. The Rebbe's Kiddush SCHWARTZ, Perel
085. Shabbos Relaxation RENNERT, Shmuel and Rivky
086. Start Off Strong VEGH, Avrohom and Ahuva
087. Lifetime Supply of Tzitzis! GHALILI, Yoni Omid and Devorah
088. Circle Magazine GOLD, Alexander and Miriam
089. Barrel Smoker WYNER, David and Miriam
090. AirPod Pros GROPPER, Aaron
091. Resinate GUTTMAN, Avraham and Devorah
091. Resinate PALGON, Yehuda and Tehilla
092. $250 Gas Card AVRUCH, Menucha
093. Shabbos Party ORLOFSKY, Bruce and Melanie
094. $5 Windfall! NEFASKALIMI, Arash
Dream Bonanza BARAN, Maurice H. and Syma D.
Jackpot SHELBY, Carol Statfeld
Split the Pot ROSEN, Chaim and Susan


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